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Sophia, a successful business woman, meets a strange woman at the airport who begins to unravel the dark secrets of her childhood. Family history that Sophia has tried too hard to suppress and bury. Forced to face the trauma of her past, Sophia is left with a choice: lose control or gain it back.



*Trigger Warning: Contains descriptions of domestic violence


About the Author


I am a Dallas native - born and raised, and very proud to be a Texas Latina.

I am a full-time photographer for Scottish Rite Children's Hospital in Dallas, while maintaining a freelance photography business on the side,

I'm currently a graduate student at Liberty University, and I will soon be transferring to Dallas Theological Seminary, in the name of Jesus.

I am a dog mom to an adorable mini Aussie named Charli (after Charles Spurgeon).

I also manage an online Bible ministry, called The Fold, where I've been connecting to a Christian community and growing deeper in my faith and walk with The Lord.

Finally, I am a published author.... see above for purchasing details.